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This is good idea, the different altitude setting may be valid for loiter range: so you can set 500m altitude for RTH flying, but when the airplane hit loiter range, the altitude will descent to selected altitude... Or turn off motor, this will be safety feature as well :-)
I like the idea, will do as soon as I get my Queen bee on the air next week.

1) In the debug screen for the raw data I never see any horizontal bars for the vibrations. Is there something wrong with my IMU and if so how would I tell? The AHI is working, but perhaps this is just the accelerometer part of the IMU?

2) I've somehow activated the weird debug AHI that jumps around and has little dots instead of a solid line. How do I turn this off? You can see it at the end of the video below.

Edit: This may be related. Sometimes when I restart the OSD I get Magentometer Not Found and Accelerometer Not Found. If I hardware reboot (i.e. cut the power) they come back (see the video).
1- The first OSD sold from this batch (Hardware 5.1) have the accelerometer bars disabled.
2- The weird debug AHI shows the actual attitude, as it is seem by the accelerometers only, so you can use it to get an idea of the existing vibrations. I forgot to disable it on the first batch of OSDs sold, because I used it during the debug tests. It is toggled ON-OFF each time you set neutrals.
If you want the new graphic board firmware with this debug AHI removed and the vibration level indicator enabled, send me a PM with your email address. But that's the only change, everything else is exactly the same. Doesn't worth the change IMHO.

It is always better to do a hardware reset(cycle power), the software reset could cause a de-sync on internal comms. This is why sometimes it does show the mag and accel not detected display.
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