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All servos working fine, throws up to manual. Might be the altitude that causes it - 1200m (4000ft)?
If I compare SU 34 and 35 - the first one has battery at the very bottom, this one at roof. And 34 is way more stable in turns. On the other hand EF has a high battery too but no such tendency. In MIG-29 they placed one battery low in nose for that purpose I think (don't believe guy didn't have an idea to place it like in 35 - there's a perfect spot behind retracts there)
High CG makes plane non-flyable - I once mounted FPV camera with battery and transmitter on Supercub above the cabin (right at CG but like 15cm above). The plane was constantly trying to flip upside-down even in leveled flight.
To summarize what differs SU-35 is If I make a turn with wings 45 degrees to horizon and then put ailerons to neutral: trainer will level, most edf's I have will continue turn and maybe slightly level up, SU-35 will either stay in turn or stall by making wings 90 degrees. So, pilot has to do a little of counter-aileron to keep it in turn and like 70% opposite to level.
Anyone has the same feeling?
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