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Firstly let me say that I have two of these Guardian 2D/3Ds They have been tried in two different airframes with two different radio sets so this is unlikely to be a hardware fault.
Secondly I have used the 10.43beta software and clicked the update button. F/W is rev 1.17.

It also appears that I am not the only one to have this effect - see everydayflyers reply above.

Your specific questions:

“it is working correctly upside down, but your mode switch is not letting you switch modes?”

Incorrect. Its is working correctly (after reset level by PC) and the Mode switch allows me to switch between 2D/off/3D OK BUT I cannot use the mode switch gestures in the first 15 second after power up. The toggling is just ignored. So at the field I cannot reset level and trims.

“could you try the radio stick gesture method of resetting level flight/trims, and then see if the mode switch?”

No I can’t for the simple reason that I cannot get into the Radio Stick Menu mode because the mode switch toggling doesn’t work. In any case, according to the manual it isn’t possible to reset level and trims from the radio stick menus.

“could you invert the plane, and then use the reset level flight button in the PC software, and then confirm your mode switch works correctly?”

Yes, as already explained the reset from the Software works regardless of which way up the airframe is and having done that, the mode switch works fine for switching between 2D/OFF/3D BUT it still will only accept the mode switch toggle gestures if the airframe is inverted (Guardian upright)

You also said:-

“as long as the plane icon on the Guardian is pointing in the direction of travel”
Well I’ve tried it on the bench with the Guardian upright but facing backward (USB connector towards the tail) and it appears to work perfectly ‘though granted that I haven’t tried it in the air (yet). Off hand I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t as long as the servos go the right way.

Thanks for your attention to this matter

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