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Originally Posted by Odysis View Post
How does a high CoG affect lateral stability? I can't see a way it can generate a moment?
Depends on your meaning but short moment vs long moment; skaters spin rate arm in vs out.
If I put a weight on a pole and stuck it on top, it would balance at level, but as you roll, the ail deflection force is less as the roll starts as the weight naturally speeds the roll to invert, and greater to pull that weight back around top.

Dihed moves the CG to a lower position rel to AC and as SU said it forces aerodynamic stability like that of a trainer. So with velocity you get an induced effect that's generally not desired for a 3D model.

The battery sits above the EDFs, the landing gear and the rest of the fuse so it is expected to some degree. The tailerons position gives it a better moment in roll but induces the offset corkscrew effect being aft and lower.
It also varies with neutral to nose heavy with the shift of the battery.
All small effects but creating what Sockrat may be observing.

V8 love the green wheels.
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