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Originally Posted by dheerajjuneja View Post
Thanks integrity, you have been very helpfull. Will do this and let you know how it goes. Will look for someone selling the xtreme landing gear, as the stock one is just pathetic.

Today, I managed to broke the ball joint on the main blade holder, which holds one of the linkage rod from the blade holder to swash plate, the worst part is that the ball joint left its thread part inside the blade holder only. Will I need t order a new blade holder now, or is there a way to get that section out of there to put in a new ball joint.
Humm.. Sometimes you can use a dremel or a engraving tool and etch or cut a groove in the head. Then use a slotted screw driver and some heat from a soldering iron to remove it. But these little screws are very hard to work with.

I would normally recommend doing the upgrade to the D02S rotor head. But that is very involved and can be a little costly. But the D02S rotor head is much more durable. But it requires you to drill out the hole on the main gear and install some bearing shims for the main shaft bearings from the D02S to fit. I used some micro sized lock washers. You could also use rubber o-rings or steel wire. You can see in my build log some pictures and some details. It's not a specific "how to upgrade" but you can see the pictures and how i put the heli back together after doing my frame swap. Otherwise for the time being you probably have to buy whole new blade grips. Avoid the "upgrade" CNC rotor heads and things for this heli too. They are nicer than the stock, but for the money the D02S upgrade is more durable and very crash resistant. Not to mention the main shaft and feathering shaft are MUCH more durable on the v120d02S model rotorhead. You should be able to find everything you need at a bolt & nut supply or hardware store for the bearing shims.
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