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Originally Posted by hakank View Post
Third flight today despite the rain hanging in the air. Still in one piece and I'm still in shock, can't really get use to it, after giving it full throttle. It was a bit windy and it's rather sensitive, or it might have been very windy in fact, rocking sideways. I was thinking of maybe adding a gyro on one aileron. If I can squeeze it in. Anyone tried that in the Voodoo? I have fitted all my other electric planes with multiwii (3 axis stabilization) so I might be a bit spoiled.

Hi Håkan,

This plane, when set up correctly, is rock solid no matter what the wind is, no need for gyros. Note the key point here, when setup correctly. So let's go a little into the setup to see if you need to tweak anything. There are two things that can make it nervous when flying, CG or Aileron Rates.

What is your CG? The CG on this plane is a balance between a great locked-in feel and ballooning under high throttle. If your CG is too far forward the plane will fly very locked in but it will want to climb on the straight aways at very high speed. If the CG is too far aft then the plane will not climb (or at least not as much) and it will actually land even easier as you will have enough elevator but unfortunately it starts getting nervous at high speed (harder to fly it smoothly). I have a compromise in my CG where it flys pretty locked in but still ballons a little at the highest speeds, for this a have a little reflex mixed in with my throttle to kill some of the lift at full throttle.

In your case double check the CG to make sure it is not to far aft (or just try it a little farter forward).

What are your rates on your ailerons? Remember that this is a speedster and as such it demands very low rates. I have mine set up that at full throw, on landing approach I can barely get it to bank. I mean, I hold full stick for over a second to get in or out of a 45 degree bank. Even at that super reduced rate and with a 60% low rate for high speed, when I'm full throttle up at about ~130MPH it is hyper sensitive on the ailerons and about 1/4 second on full stick will give me a 90 degree bank.

The faster you go the less movement you need, maybe a switch with tripple rates? Remember the manual calls for 3.5mm up and 2mm down. I have less than that and I certainly would not go more.

One more thing, if you had to bring your endpoints down on your radio to get to the required throws then you may have centering problems due to poor mechanical advantage. When I did my installation I had to drill a new hole in my control arm inside the hole that was closest to the center as this was the only way I could get the correct throws without sacrificing mechanical advantage.

Some pictures on my setup (note the picture that shows how close the control arm is to the center of the servo):

Hope this helps but feel free to ask any more questions,


- Birger
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