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Hi guys,

Jose, thats awesome. i reckon the delay must have been US customs going overboard because the packaging said "blades" on it? haha

ive just flown my blackhawk, (not much just low hover, slow forward and turns)after installing the replacement parts from RCA and mounting the 700 size main blades. tracking is fine, no more cyclic wobble, mechanics arte solid after 4 15 minute test flys yesterday, kin is bang on right about thosetfmodel infused blades, they must be too soft. couldnt lift my UH-60 at its current weight, which i estimate to be up around the 5.5kg mark.

unfortunately, i cannot get my tail to hold. its constantly over correcting, even when im not inputting any rudder, it will sway from left to right. When i set the beast x to rate mode, my geometry is fine, no tail sway, it just sits where i tell it to, unless some wind/ground turbulence is present. i can crank my gyro gain all the way up to 65, and it irons out the wobble in hover and forward flight but blows out on the turns and then fishtails.

it flew absolutely fine in pod and boom yesterday, i was cranking it, full pirouettes and the tail was perfect. it would stop perfectly on a right turn, and on a left turn it would stop, but not as precisely as when turning right, swaying back towards the right when it stopped just slightly.

i do not like the mutli blade tail rotor i am using, i thought i was getting the same model as on my apache but i was sent something different. One minute it feels finek the next it feels like its very sticky and feels like it wants to bind when pushed and pulled towards its endpoints. the center is the only smooth area of travel. it did not do this before, and the only thing ive changed is the angle tail drive. it seems like its feeding back now, but theres no part of the control arms rubbing on the fuse at any stage as far as i can tell.

If anyone could share some wisdom and experience with me id be highly appreciative.

tight turns!
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