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Originally Posted by waynemia View Post
I have a para board but I won't use it. I am concerned about plugging batteries with different voltages in parallel to each other. The equalizing currents can be a problem. I prefer to use individual chargers.

Yes, I could probably put a couple of pounds of batteries in a Kadet or Telemaster and get a longer flight. I think two pounds of gasoline would get me a lot farther.
Yes... Different Voltage would be very bad.... Different Mah with in reason is no problem. You really dont need to pack it full of bats, normal correct set ups are very efficent. PSU is using a leccy Senior Kadet for the Radio repeated project and it has some heavy gear and they are getting very good flight times on normal lipo applications.

Now mind you they are not using the HK grade leccy equipment, Thunder power, Axi, Jetti, very good and efficent parts.

Dont take me wrong wayne, I am burning nitro and gas and it is quick and easy, but a proper set up leccy, no matter what it is, can be fair.... Besides that, give the government a few more years, they will EPA us right out of Gas and Glow and we wont have a choice but to get good at Leccy.
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