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Mainden'd the second Mosa 2 build today. Only had time for two packs.
First flight was a little scary. Had to apply about 1/3 to a half of up elevator trim (more on that below). The plane felt very twitchy and almost too maneuver . I suspect it is because the first build was fairly nose heavy where as this build is tail heavy.
The CG with a 3000mah battery is 5mm behind the spar, With a 2600mah battery the CG is 10mm behind the spar. I had to add 28G in the nose or else the CG would be 130mm from the LE. Over time I should be able to remove the weight from the nose.

On the second flight it felt much less twitchy, so it must be the Pilot factor. I do have 50% expo programed.. On a downwind leg right prior to a turn it felt like I lost a signal for a sec and the Plane did a loop. I regained control when the loop completed. Unfortunately the AR400 doesn't show holds info. You either need telemetry or flight log. Will get a telemetry module. I will also take the antenna out and keep it outside the fuse. It should allow me to extend it slightly further back.

Landing was a challenge. 5 feet of the ground, when i reducing the throttle, it started to climb on both landing attempts! I suspect that as evident by the required up trim that I am missing down thrust. Right?

It is a pleasure to fly with the new LG. It just plowed through the weeds on takeoff with those 2-3/4" wheels and no nose over on landings.

With the power up 15 vs. the e-flite power 15 I got two mins less flight time. I will check later if it is due to motor inefficiency or more watt drawn.

This was the previous Mosa. Here are the pics of the current build. I like the previous scheme better, but this one is more visible.

EDIT: added a pic of how currently the AR400 Sat is mounted.
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