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I did get the x650 to fly no problem...the problem was a defective ESC in the beginning and the vendor sent new... I actually stopped on the XA to persue the witespy... now i'd like to move on to the XA... I've been flying my witespy quad for sometime now and no stranger to fact i just set that up with the new 2.1 arduino and it flys great. with around 10 planes mixed nitro/electric and many helicopters... I've been flying for over 30 years... so don't get caught up in previous posts........

I might get frustrated to quickly and that's a problem cuz that's what you see.... but in reality, there are various problems with this system. mostly software oriented.. why is it that my iphone shows ARMING as OFF? and the kindle shows it ON. I know how to reverse channels and remove mixing and the like... but when the system does not respond to the TX/RX there is something wrong.

In my defense, has anyone used a Spektrum with the YS... i wait for your response.

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Hi w2


I remember trying to assist you with the X650 last year about his time. You were asked at that stage by the many who wasted hours trying to help you, and I quote "One quick question w2hef....have you ever set up a quad before this one?...No offence meant but things seem a little dodgy to me...JJ"

And this comment made by me then "Hi started building all three at the beginning of September this year. And I see you have had a few problems with all of the builds.

Can I make a suggestion.....Finish one and learn how to fly it, and only then look at others....because, besides confusing yourself, you are also confusing us....and taking up our time, just reading your posts, never mind trying to respond to them

You were also saying about the X650 that it was a difficult system to set up. I am not sure if you ever did.

Now I would assume that you have moved on since then, but the questions you are asking seem a repeat of that process last year, and you never seem to answer any of the questions asked by the helpful members of this forum.

If you are buying systems and not getting them to work, you possibly need to re-look at how you approach this hobby/sport

Can I make a suggestion, please find someone close to you who can set this system up for you so you can actually start flying it.

I am saying this to try an help you, so please take this as constructive criticism.

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