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Replacing Booms without Soldering

I finally replaced the booms! While the original booms appear intact, like what others have mentioned, they are broken after bad crashes. There is a very obvious crack right, at the far end or near quad center, and the crack is right at the middle of the boom. The crack makes breaking up the boom easy.

Here are the steps:
  1. Do one boom at a time to avoid confusion. Remove hotglue that firmly locked the boom to the frame.
  2. Unplug the wire from the board.
  3. Pull the boom and the attached motor frame out of the main body.
  4. Slide the plastic motor cover out. Cut it into two to extract the wire, because the hole is too small to allow the wire connector through. The added bonus of removing the plastic motor covers is that the quad is lightened slightly.
  5. Find the crack on the boom. Split the boom cleanly at the start of the crack.
  6. Insert the new boom into the frame, and the motor frame to the other end of the boom.
  7. Plug in the wire connector. Tape the excess wires. Tape the wires to the boom.
As it is 12am, I can't fly it outdoors. The quad flies the same way indoors. It still drifts the same amount (I removed all trims and retrimmed it, and it required the same trims!)

Previously it can't piro (wobbles very badly when full rudder is applied), hopefully this fixes that. Also, I hope the rigid body improves the stability when it carries a heavy load like keychain camera.

I'll report in 9 hours time. I'll add this reply the the second post.
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