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Originally Posted by nicamarvin View Post
I have access to that ACE chrome aluminum paint, and its like any other chrome like paint, its very reflective at first and if you dont touch it it will remain reflective for a long time, but thats the problem, you cant touch it alot, if you do it will dull the finish, and if you clear coat it, the nice polished alluminum look will be wrecked...

at this time Im doing a research and some test on how to make normal aluminum paint to be as glossy as possible and to look as natural as possible(clear coat it silver pait does not look natural). Ill post pics of my work as soon as the forum lets me...
Thanks for sharing that info....
I've used silver and "aluminum" pint before but never had such a brilliant finsh as this stuff gives. I'm curiouls why it would dull the finish by touching it unless it causes it to tarnish. Maybe lightly polishing would bring it back...?
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