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Originally Posted by whichwaysup View Post
- Hard input on the elevator to create a high G loop and throw the airplane off balance a bit (I did this to simulate my potential overreaction when it would go nose down that I suspected led to some of the crashes).
- Mig begins to act as it should - nose goes up, tail slides under due to the over use of the control surface/lack of energy management.
- Mig drops a wing, begins to roll - I suspect this is partially a natural reaction to the overuse of the elevator.
- All hell breaks loose - THis is where things get random. Sometimes the mig corrects and pulls through the loop, sometimes it just goes into a nose up stall, sometimes it goes into a barrel roll.

I think that last portion of the cycle is where the Gyro was attempting to use rudder input as part of the correction, even a slight amount. When no corresponding change occurs, the correction becomes more pronounced.

Again - I'll test all this tomorrow a.m.!
Originally Posted by whichwaysup View Post
The rolling dives were greatly reduced. A normal loop was now perfect - and man I'd forgotten how much better this thing performs without wheels! Almost a different aircraft.

I was still able to get it to misbehave when I gave full and sudden up elevator and I'd be curious if anyone else would be willing to try this on theirs and compare notes - is there something still funky with my Mig, or is this just a function of the airframe.

Oddly enough, I did manage to crash it again (into the same cornfield ) and once again, it happened so suddenly that I can't tell exactly what happened. I was coming out of a loop at high speed but was fairly easy on the sticks (fairly, because I was less than a mistake high and trying to keep some room between Mig and Terra Firma). The only thing I can recollect was thinking that it behaved like a tip stall.

I'm wondering if, now that I've firmed up my horizontal stabilizer (aka that flat thingy that doesn't move on the back), and braced my elevator control horns for less play, that I have so much movement that it's forcing the tail into a slide, forcing a rapid loss of forward airspeed and then throwing into a stall.
Originally Posted by SilentPilot View Post
It could be a high speed stall/spin...
I completely agree. You are describing a high speed stall. On high rates, especially if you've moved the holes in, abrupt full elevator will stall the wing. On a highly swept wing the tips stall first due to span-wise flow. This exacerbates wing drop and loss of aileron effectiveness.

In both of your above posts You've described a very typical accelerated stall. Sudden nose up, with the possibility of rolling. This rolling is actually a spin caused by one wing creating more lift than the other.

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