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Wow what a great day! Reason is NOTHING IS BROKEN!!!!!!

I have been trying to get two particular skilled individuals up the hill on a good day for many months now. SUCCESS! Both were available today.

I took a half day from work, and left at 11:30am and went to pick up Conrad, who had just got back from the F3J worlds in South Africa (8th place !!!! ), and packed his well-used Bee into the back. Need to get him something good. He is a very good pilot and have taken him DSing once before where he started to pick it up very fast.

Then off to pick up Andrew Palmer, who is one of the best RC Heli Pilots in the country, who has also represented NZ in F3A pattern. He has taken up sailplanes recently, as it is the only competition and action around these parts anymore. He had his first DLG comp two weeks ago in which he did well and picked things up very fast! Watch out for this guy!!!!! We packed in his Mini Ellipse and EPS chevron wing, both of which haven’t seen daylight in many years, so he told me. I told him you can DS anything and they will be fine, but had second thoughts after feeling how light they were!!

Off we went for the hours’ drive up to Wainui, talking planes and helis all the way. Reaching the way up to Wainui, we saw the hills covered in cloud. AHHH! A quick prayer and wishful thoughts and we arrived to find Wainui just in the clear, with cloud forming about 30m above the ridge top. WOO HOO!! 35kts too!!!

Unloaded the plethora of light models and a heavy, beaten D60, and followed Andrew up the hill to launch off his light EPS chevron wing which is about 20 years old! It was way too light several failed launches later we headed back down to chuck some weight on it. The only weight we had was my D60 ballast, so I had a quick fly of the D60 first, up to 280 something, landed and gave him the ballast from it. After adding enough tape, we chucked it off again with success! Out and up it went. Andrew took a few laps to get the idea and he was away. But unfortunately, I found a few laps later that it was just tape covered EPS. NO SPAR!!!! It stared fluttering so we called that model quits. he flew his mini Ellipse, but it fulttered at 83mph. Too light

Conrad, in the meantime, got his light Bee into the air and was attempting some circuits of his own. A little coaching and he was getting some good laps together. He pushed to 89mph but the model was too light. He landed and I attached my D60 ballast to the top of it. He went up again and the ballast made all the difference. He was putting in laps to be really proud of, finally getting to 97mph! We passed that transmitter to Andrew and he got some good laps in too, reaching 87mph. But unfortunately, the wing got a big centre section flutter and it must have weakened the whole thing as it then flutter most laps from then on. Just couldn’t get it to that magic three figure mark. Bummer, but still good speeds for a TOTALLY stock Bee.

I flew the new RT42, in it’s VERY light weight at 530gms! WOW what a plane! It bangs a turn harder than anything! I may make a mold for these I think! I got it to 173mph, and there is no doubt with more weight it would have done 200, but I built it for a light-medium air model. Last time I flew it was in 10mph winds!!!!! This was 40mph!!! Video tells more of a story of it.

Anyway, I was really impressed with Andrew’s and Conrad’s flying. I will build them up a couple of JWs if I can get some. Watch out for these two, they will be up there in no time!
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