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Sorry to see your plane lost Jk! Nice 1st save! Seemed St. Jandro was there, but left too early.

1st off what camera did you use for your video? If its larger than 150g then the cam weight was a big factor.

2nd when adding a cam to the wing you need to add a lil weight to the opposite wing atleast a qrt. of the weight you added to the cam side.

3rd once in the air with the cam you MUST trim her to compensate for any wing dip that may arise by adding the extra weight of the cam (adding the counter weight help alleviate some of that needed trim). But then you still have to worry about inverted flight.

4th And Dont take this the wrong way, but not sure what you experience is but maybe that also had something to do with it. Since the added weight will cause the plane to turn sharper to the heavier side so reaction should have been expected.

Looks like itll be hard to repair that airframe. Again sorry! Just trying to help u out.

On another note ill be posting pics and vids of my finish repair and flight!!
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