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Originally Posted by xmech2k View Post
Was there anything else different between the standard and ultra Vipers? Wings, stabilizers, etc?
Ultra Viper had a slightly different airfoil that increased speed a small amount...The fuselage specs were identical but the UV had improved hatches over the earlier model...Apples to apples they both would have flown the same if they both had the same vertical stabs...Except for a couple of MPH nod for the UV...(I went 205mph on a 100 degree day with my Viper vs BV himself going 206 with his UV)...

Many guys that flew the straight fin (F-20/T-38) style stab would modify the wing for separate flaps/ailerons as the model had no roll coupling when applying rudder...Flaperons on the straight fin model was a BUGGAR to line up with the runway when flown slowly...Most guys found out that if you went with flaperons the swept fin was the only way to go to turn the model when slow...But for a more "pure" flying experience the straight fin with separate flaps/ailerons was the way to go...This plane would knife edge coast to coast with virtually no aileron input..The swept fin models, due to roll coupling of the rudder, required some aileron to keep the plane on course in a knife edge...

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