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Current Challenges:

Heli Coaxial: The Ned Kelly: Land on a CD case while flying outback (in your back yard)

Heli Fixed Pitch & Collective Pitch NON-3D: Circle Work: Complete several funnels with the tail in the center of the funnel

Heli Collective Pitch 3D: Open Doors: Fly inverted through an open doorway.

Quad: The Gateway: Take off inside your house, then fly outside through an open window. Fly the quad outside for 2+ minutes and re-enter the house through the same window and land exactly where you took off from.

Quad 3D: The suicide: Do an inverted stall and count 2 seconds while the quad free falls upside down before proceeding with a complete recovery.

Plane: Rocket Man: Take off, fly vertical (or as close as you can with your plane) and then chop the power and glide it in for a landing (like the space shuttle).

Plane 3D: Couch Potato: Hover in your living room while sitting on your couch.

FPV: The News Reporter: Record a video of yourself at take off and then track a moving vechicle for as long as you can (at a safe distance of course)
valiantGLX is online now Find More Posts by valiantGLX
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