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I used to buy art supplies and I loved window shopping in art supply stores, except the stupid store employees spoiled it for me. They keep asking you if you need help every few minutes. That really made me mad and I talked to them about it. I think they do this mainly to discourage shoplifting. Young women shoplift more than anyone else. Young women also like art supplies. So I guess art supplies have a high theft rate. Michael's Craft store deals with it by locking much of their art supplies in glass cabinets. They don't ask you if you need help. I don't go to art supply stores anymore but if I do go again I'm going to loudly demand that all the store employees back the hell off and not bother me.

The worst store nuisance was this jerk at Fry's Electronics. He came and stood next to me and grinded the left side of his body against my body while he fumbled with boxes on the shelf. He thought I was going to shoplift just because I was holding my hoodie instead of wearing it. I should have told him off for that. Next time i will.

Another instance that made me angry was when this jerk father came into Toys R Us with his boy and repeatedly harassed me, saying things like toys are for kids and indirectly telling me to get out of the way so his boy could shop for toys. It was totally unnecessary. I wasn't stopping him from getting anything. I should have told him off. If that ever happens again I'm going to say some things.

I almost never go to theaters anymore because the people there bother me in a lot of ways. I have a nice big HDTV now, so I'm even less inclined to go to a theater.

As for online ads, I just use adblocker.
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