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Originally Posted by Cobra68 View Post
And, if I could pile on... keep a bit of speed on the approach (by keeping the nose down, or flying a shallow power-on approach) and try to land with a very shallow angle of attack. Should you choose to try and fully flare out the landing for a buttery-soft touchdown, be forewarned that this Habu can coil straight up and bite you before you even get a chance to try and correct your mistake if you push her too far -- and any correction that you make in response, probably won't work...
Excellent add-on. Not that that has EVER happened to me before (LOL, yeah RIGHT!)

You can dead stick her in following the advice above. I regularly dead stick her in from a good 30 feet up or higher on approach, but as Cobra says, keep that nose down to keep some speed up to avoid that stall speed on final. I would NOT recommend trying any type of traditional flare. Fly her all the way down to the ground, even if that means keeping some down stick all the way down to prevent that dreaded nose pitch straight up scenerio where all is up to the Flight Gods at that point.
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