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So lets get back to what this is all about fun hobby and a big waste of time.

The technical part of the race week in Riccione.

Bikes and Setup:
The bike I used was the same bike I used last year. Just the front and rear
wheelbase was slightly altered to shift the CG a bit forward. Most of the other Jabbers
felt safer with the original geometry I designed back in the winter of 2010.
All drivers felt comfortable with the same setup. I would even say that they all used 95%
identical setup only slight details from one to the other. All drivers reported same effects
to changes in setup. This shows the all bikes gave the same feedback. So there was no
guessing around and all drivers could take over solutions that work. Of course there are
individual preferences from one driver to the other. But also here it was easy to set the
bike up for their special needs.

I loooove statistics and numbers:
Ten Jabbers were at the meeting: 2 Stock-, 8 Superbikes.
Nine of ten reached their half finals and 5 their finals.
We had the best Rookies in both classes: 5th in Stock and 7th in Superbike.
Under the Top 14 fastest Superbike Laps we managed to place 7 Bikes all under 23sec.

Each bike had between 30 and 34 runs.
Each run goes approx. 10 minutes + 2-3minute preperation time.
This makes up to about 3500minutes.
Thats approx. 8000 Laps or roughly 1850km alltogether.
Only two had to stop a run: one bike cooked its ESC (Jörg) and
I stopped once because I was not performing well.
I summed up all spares needed by all drivers. In average each driver needed
spares worth 18,52EUR for a complete week

Moral: only believe the statistics you fake yourself

Here is my UNOFFICAL fastest Laps Rankinglist from thursday to sunday, without Free Practise.
These are also the only ones to go under 23,0 sec.
1 Marc Lutz 22,232
2 Edi Winter 22,241
3 Mario Lopez 22,459
4 Stefan Polydor 22,473
5 Micky Repetati 22,631
6 Gianni Zonzini 22,647
7 Andrea Baroni 22,717
8 Marco Verna 22,718
9 Gianluca Boselli 22,751
10 Clark Wohlert 22,765
11 Wilhelm Pichler 22,893
12 Helly Wolf 22,907
13 Jörg Schummer 22,924
14 Alex Praxmarer 22,987
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