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Let's see, I think you are now something like 5,000 years behind the times. IMHO, any government powerful enough to be useful will at the very least screw up often enough that it can be legitimately feared.
A glider made from paper and straws has already been flown from 90,000 feet or so. Since it's relatively easy to make one, they'll have to ban straws and computer paper. Might be good for the environment if one can't print off 20 copies of your latest office memo without a thought.
A low tech way to estimate altitude is to make a stick a known length with a few pins at regular intervals at one end. Fly straight overhead. Estimate how many pin spaces are visually equivalent to your wing span. Say you get pin spaces equal to an eight of an inch, your stick is 2 feet long, and your glider's span is 100 inches. The ratio between the span and the pin spacing is 100/.125 or 800. The distance from your eye is 800 times 2 feet, or 1600 feet.

I haven't done this with a stick, but I've done it, very approximately, with the button on the end of a 72 mHz antenna.
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Its too bad we now live in a time where we must fear our own government. If they can limit how high we fly, how soon will they prohibit models capable of flying too high? And if someone designs a model capable of flying too high, will they send the "thought police" after them?

I can see it now, a father and son, flying a model they built together. Suddenly a SWAT team surrounds them and with guns drawn the cops say, "Drop the Futaba or we will shoot".

I feel much safer now.
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