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Some thoughts about the Argtek booster... is only a suggestion and not proven. Just to be discussed.

Ive read a lot about the Argtek booster. The opinions differ. Some guys are using the booster over a long time without any fail, some burned it without any warning before.

I think the failings could occurre due to mismatched antennas. As we all know from the VTX it is essential to tune the antennas to very low SWR to achieve an optimum of performance. If SWR is to high the TX power is not completely emitted by the antenna but a part is reflected back into the TX. This can be compared with reverse operation. Good transmitters detect this issue and reduce automatically the gain or have a reverse power protection. Sunhans provides this reverse power protection, so maybe that`s the reason why this device is more reliable.

My hypothesis is that the Argtek booster can work but it will need a good antenna due to fix gain and missing reverse power protection. Maybe the guys with the burned Argteks can post their experience which antenne they have used?

Note: I`m using the Argtek too. I fly +2km without any fails. My antenna is a TP-link 2409.
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