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Mini Review

Alright, so the boat arrived last night and I am very impressed with the overall quality of the hull and electrical components. Bought it from NitroRCX and was surprised to see that it came with a big heavy duty servo for rudder even though it clearly states in their description that one is NOT included....bonus!! First thing I did was take the flex shaft out so that I could add some marine grease (had no grease stock) and add my machined aluminum prop from OffShore Electrics ( I didn't want to even bother with the stock prop. Next I put a few drops of clear silicon fast drying caulk around the rubber servo boot for the rudder as well as the water cooling tube leading from the rudder into the boat. A quick bathtub test showed no initial leaks in the hull or any components. Let it all fully dry over night since I was planning on running it early the next morning....

This is my first fast electric boat and I didn't really know what to expect as far as performance. I had a ProBoat nitro blackjack 26 last summer as was less than satisfied, nitro just isn't for me. I only had two Turnigy 3s 2450mah 30-40c batteries to test it on as I wait for my larger Nano-Tech 3300 40-70c packs to come in. I am using the HobbyKing GT-2 tx/rx for this boat. Got everything hooked up and ready to go....time to head to the lake. Water was glass so I set her in and slowly added power for a couple figure 8's right out in from of me. I continued to slowly add more and more power and she continued to get faster and faster. This model ran smooth as silk throughout the entire power band. I am in no means a professional RC boater and like I said, this is my first fast electric, but man is this little bugger quick!! I honestly wouldn't want anything more than this at this point. I have nothing but good things to say about this model and this set up! I was skeptical at first because I could not find any solid reviews on this boat (only a few YouTube videos), but I couldn't be happier with my purchase. If you have had your eye on this model, get it. I cant wait to take it out in some choppier water! Its not too big and not too small, just right (for me). After running my two 2450 packs through it, the motor came back a bit warm, but nothing to raise hairs over. The 50amp water cooled ESC came back barely warm at all. The water cooling system could probably be a bit more efficient, but works properly. I was getting about 8 minutes of pretty solid use out of my 2450' the 3300's should bring 10-12 min easy. After applying tape around the cabin, not one drip of water was present inside the hull after each run.

Overall I would rate this 5-stars. Anyone in the market for a first (or second) fast electric, this thing is great. I'm attaching a bunch of pics, but if you guys have any questions please let me know.
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