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Wow that video is excellent! Very very well done and great info. It answered a few questions (eg the bit about side drag against the container, and the bits about orienting vent holes ... ) Thanks heaps Troy.

A lot of questions ran thru my mind while watching it.

1) The effect of humidity ... we get a lot of variation, from over 90% in summer to down to 23% in westerly winds. Hmm, I wonder whether that's a big problem? And if so, how to manage it?

2) Colouring of the foam sounds interesting ... a white foam colour under a glass skin would provide a good light coloured backing so that you could use less yellow/ white paint.

3) Most importantly, from your experience Troy, if you were doing this, how would you do it? Basically I want to be able to lay up the wing skins in the mould ... I guess it's best to cure them first ... add the various hardware, and then add foam to fill the thing and close the mould and have it fully expand. A few bubbles etc aren't going to be a big deal ... the foam is there to support the skins and to absorb impacts. Are there better types of foam? Are there foams with longer working times??? I'd really appreciate any advice. I guess it's possible that there are no PU foams that will provide the answers, and maybe I'll go back to vac bagging blue foam half-cores in place etc. But I'd like to check out all the options. I'm after simple methods that can be done in the back shed, that provide durability ... and a 98% result rather than perfection.
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