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Hey thanks guys, that's interesting. Sorry it was such a long story.

Regarding the bonding of the PU foam to the skins ... in this case the PU had bonded very well. When I tore the skins away from the foam (after the first, failed attempt), a layer of PU was left adhered to the skins which could not be completely scraped off. The foam is brittle / friable, so all that happens is that the matrix breaks away a fraction of a mm from where it's bonded to the surface. I'll attach a photo.

Regarding making a separate mould ... or using a liner to create undersized cores ... I need to think about that! I guess if I was going to stick with a standard skin thickness etc it would work but we tend to make some light ones, and some with thicker skins for DSing etc. Plus experimenting with different spars etc. The nice thing about foam that expands in the mould is that it works its way around whatever hardware you have in there.

It would be great if you guys could put together any relevant info here. Doing a search, I did see some interesting posts - particularly yours Troy, so any help would be appreciated.
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