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we can take off without that
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Originally Posted by NitroCharged View Post
green_flyer - there's always the option of 3S
Thanks for testing on 3s, its good to know the option is there. Airframe hasnt arrived yet, my guess is it will be 70g, which will put me at 140g all up. In the meantime I'm having fun hunting around for small pudding pots at supermarkets for the GP fan shroud.

Originally Posted by Kevin Greene View Post
But why go with smaller fan units???...This plane was made for 35mm fans and 30mm is a HUGE downgrade percentage wise...(Just think---A 10% smaller size is only 3.5mm...And we're talking larger downgrade than that...)

You will have to neck down the exhaust to get the most out of the 30mm units even on 3S...Too much work for marginal performance in my opinion...I fly my 35mm MiG 15 on 4S for big grins...

I agree, playing around in the Jpower F86 duct the size difference is huge. However my perspective is, lower the weight and you need less thrust to acheive 1:1. The GP fan seems particularly efficient so I wanted to give it a go. For example I weighed my F86 airframe with almost all the bits and I'm at 75g, so it looks like with the GP fan I can make a Jpower 35mm EPO jet lighter than the E-flite Mig (and not too far off the GP Sabre as well)

p.s. I am cheating by using parkzone Cub guts & 1.5g linear servos
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