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Last great slope session of the summer?

Saturday 25 August turned out to be so much better than anticipated! Good strong north-westerlies were forecast, but the sun unexpectedly also came out, and it was warm for late August too! Luckily my camcorder and helmet were in the car, so I took the opportunity of shooting some footage to improve on my "Alpina Magic in Ireland" video, using my Inteco L-213A instead of the Alpina. A few additional shots were filmed as "fillers" to give a more coherent story.

I'm still struggling to get rid of the "jittering" effects seen during fast movement. I think a better camera is in order. I still haven't totally cracked the whole rendering thing though. I tried following some advice from Vimeo tutorials, but their versions of Sony Vegas is not exactly the same as mine, so I can't duplicate their settings exactly. The outcome of trying all sorts of different settings and then uploading them to Vimeo to compare was pretty startling in the end: of all the rendered videos that I made of this film, the one with the by far the lowest settings, and a much smaller file size has turned out to display the best ! The raw file for this 3 minute video is only 100 MB. All the other versions I tried were around 560 MB ! Voodoo at work here, I tell you. It seems the most important thing is to match the setting to synch with Vimeo. This video was rendered using "Main Concept" AVC/AAC (.mp4) "Apple TV 720p24 Video" template, with the properties of the video pre-set to 1920 x 1080 x32, 30.000p.

Slope Soaring in Ireland (3 min 2 sec)

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