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Actually if a guy was to make his own swivelling grips it is much better if you either go with the actual lama system, or make your own out of Rcrvds thicker grips by drilling them and tapping them with the correct size balls. However, by the time you get done with either your costs are stacking up to the point where you might as well have bought the xtremes. Plus, on the lama conversion you need the new hub, swash, grips and links. And they still cone unless you pick up the (dunno why they call it this) blade stiffeners? From E2, as they are actually little plastic plates that stiffen up the grips themselves. And on the modding of the grips, if you have the mechanical aptitude and mic set, go for it. Even with all this mine were still slightly off where the balls were seated due to core shift in the plastic. Plus, no one here will buy anything from Rcrvd as he is permanently banned from RC groups. A few of us actually did a parts comparison from him early on, and all his stuff was way out of spec. Or sloppy. Especially the inner shaft, you need a 2mm and his mic'd out at .077. so lots of guys complained the inner shaft wobbled around in the bearings. Turns out his blades are identical to the china blacks in performance also. You can get 10 sets of them for something like $5 shipped. I don't want to get too detailed here. But in the end the only thing worth buying from him were his grips, but now the Xtremes are only a few $$ more and ten times better.

Yeah, the made at home swivelling grip mod using stockers has been out for almost 3 years now. Again though, there are problems with the stock blades. One, you have to have a matched pair on the lower set, or your heli will fly with a life of its own. And I have gone through 15 or 20 sets to get one pair that was identical. It is just alot easier to buy the $2.50 xtremes.
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