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Originally Posted by Cervanchez View Post
I may be wrong but I think the confusion is between ppm and cppm. The Frsky rx puts out ppm for each individual channel and that works with Naza. I think the firmware update we're waiting for will support cppm where all the channels are encoded onto 1 wire. My Frsky rx also supports cppm. I can jumper ch 3-4 on my D8r and I get ch1-8 cppm on ch1 output, rssi on channel 2, and still have ch5-8 for any other auxillary uses.

@Pajonate: I use a Hitec Aurora 9. I would say go for the DHT-U if you're going to go Frsky. The audible alarms are great

Man this thread moves so quick i can barely keep up!

Edit: I may be wrong now that I'm thinking about it, the Frsky rx may be outputting pwm on the individual channels. I don't remember, I would have to put it on the scope and check again. But either way, it works with naza.
2nd edit: Frsky site says ppm so I think I was right the first time
CPPM I am guessing this is what they call the PPM SUM and yes that is what I am waiting for.
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