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Originally Posted by jacklegchris View Post
I don't think so. I have it balanced in the middle of the range. I'm sure that big ol wing has something to do with it.
I'm willing to bet its the big ol wing too

Originally Posted by waynemia View Post
The LT-40 is making progress. I might be able to take it out for a spin tomorrow.
very cool wayne good Luck

Originally Posted by snowman View Post
Waldo........RATO..........stands for rocket assisted take off.......
LOL Thanks Snowman I can be such a Dumb sometimes LOL and I think hair is required to grow in certain spots once you pass the age of 25 lol GREAT flight report also !!! well except those dang golfers lol and we were just at the golf course the other day after flying we had all we could do not to bust out the planes and use those beautiful brown but smooth fairways LOL We are thinking of having an RC golf ball drop golf game, using our bomb dropping hatches fly over runway and drop ball closest to the pin type thing could be a hazzard for our windshields or our heads on a bad drop though LOL

Originally Posted by waynemia View Post
I am shooting for 20+ minute flights.
The Saito 100 is here. I am going to use a different mount so I have to get it all setup on the new firewall.
Awesome wayne and cool on the saito too wahooo nice engine for sure

Originally Posted by kerwin50 View Post
My 1st you tube video.
Kerwin great Void of the lil MX some nice flying for sure and a great looking plane, but what happened did you mute the sound? I didn't hear the roar of that MX and I loved the little bent antenna at the top for extra reception Great job and congrats on your first Utube vid.
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