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Originally Posted by dbc View Post
I wouldn't say the stock electrical components are "bad". They are of marginal quality. I've flown mine, all stock, 6 times now. You've got to be reasonable here; this is only a $140 plane with a huge wingspan. The components are about what you would expect for the price.

I do think about another $30-40 worth of better components would have been a good idea. I'd rather have paid $179 for it and had a much better plane.
i agree whole heartedly
for under $140 you get a fully functional 2400mm () upsized easystar/bixler, with everything other than radio and battery... that, in anybody's language, is extraordinary value. buy a bixler2 and you still have to buy an esc & flap servos, and remove chunks of foam (to fit decent size battery) before you can fly!
not only is this a huge plane, but as these guys have already proven, it CAN be flown bog stock standard, out of the box. respect the cheap components and you will get use out of them
back in the day I paid approx $300 for the cularis KIT only... and than had to buy all the electrics... and it too was just a gloryfied chunk of foam... there's some perspective heh heh

my apologies if my previous post sounded like the components are rubbish- let's say the components are relative to the purchase price... yet it DOES fly out of the box, that has been successfully proven
all you need to do is find a way to secure the main wings a little better (fibre tape would even get you in the air), and you may need more weight than the recommended battery size
other than that, in theory, you're good to fly

the ONLY reason I am doing more prep work is for fpv, otherwise mine would be in the air already

and yes, in all honesty, up the component quality and you could easily justify an increased purchase price... i too am with DBC on this, i would certainly pay more for quality components

my mate took one look at mine last night, and instantly ordered one.
it is that impressive

it has been a long time since i have had a warm fuzzy feeling that i actually received great value for a foamie
i for one, am ever so happy i've bought it
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