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Originally Posted by Kenny Sharp View Post
Thing is, if you move the cg back and re-trim, you've accomplished the same thing.

The extra drag is negligible, and is not noticed.
The extra drag may be negligible- but it is noticeable- Eckace and I bought 2 new radians- He did the decalage mod while I did not- We wanted a controlled experiment to test this mod and all the hubbub sorrounding it...We both stiffened with carbon shafts- we maidened the birds last sunday and flew them together- we even traded radios and flew each others plane- My Radian with out the decalage mod flew great- however the luck of the draw got me a fuse with 1 degree less angle than normal- it flew better than my last Radian ever did- My CG was 2 and 5/8th inches
Bobs pane with dec mod was balanced at 3 and 3/8th inches

Bobs plane has a more than slightly longer glide path on landing and it also slowly overtook me when flying at same height and just a few feet apart- with our hands off the controls as much as possible- Therefor I submit to you that the decrease in drag is noticeable when comparing to a stock dec plane flying right beside you'

the other difference is Bob's dec modded plane required just a bit more finesse on the stick - as the rear ward CG made plane a bit more sensitive to inputs

i fly with no expo and neither does bob- However we determined on the dec mod plane- it flew better when we lowered the control horn connector to the least throw position-

- i am editing the video of us trading planes for a flight and giving our impressions...

and also- in a speed dive- doing the decalage with trim- will make your tail flutter all over- I dove from 2500 ft to 50 ft in 18 seconds and the tail hardly even moved in the video- and i estimate i hit nearly 90 mph

we like the mod- it is worth doing ...and that concludes my report...
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