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Originally Posted by dbc View Post
That motor is about the same size and weight as the stock one. Should install fairly easily. It's rated for a good deal more power and up to 4s. Hobby King tends to go wild with the ratings, however: 48A ???

Just guessing here, it should be measured, but I'd think either of your available props would produce a nice thrust gain over stock and should - should - remain with the design limits of the HK motor. But probably not the supplied ESC.

Has your plane arrived yet, Aussie?
funny you should ask- guess what turned up yesterday arvo... a giant Bixler!
My bad... a Super Sky Walker
No idea how I could have mistaken this giant for a bixler lol
I placed a Bixler2 wing on one of the SSS wings... oh my freakin gawd this thing really is huge!
i've had a few large birds, just sold my Cularis for this SSS on a bit of a gamble, I was looking for something a little more than just a glider platform, and this is exactly what i had in mind

reasonably packaged, although i am sure they could've been a little more creative with the contents packaging... one main wing tip was bent to the point of snappage, with a short plastic tube punched through it as well, leaving a large hole in the foam to fill... i have no idea what these little tubes are for, but allowing things to fly around loose inside the box is crazy, especially expecting no damage whilst destined to the other side of Planet Earth...
Aside from that, all is right in the SSS world

the stock motor does have a surprising amount of offset I must admit... but the disconcerting thing for me is the wobbling motor mount- it can move around far too much. Not worried as i'll be swapping out for the 3542-1450 in the least (a G32 is almost tempting lol) so i'll wick some CA to the mount, or someway to stiffen it up

not unlike the Bix2, it is inconvenient to have the fuse halves pre-assembled/glued together... i have a bunch of electronics to go in, life would have been soooo much easier if they'd stop pre-assembling... and the glue join has a LOT of gaps, i'll be filling them
that said, the HUGE (excuse the pun ) convenience is having the main wing halves in one piece- and i must admit i am surprised how stiff they feel with the spars in place, i was silently apprehensive on the integrity of such large wings, but i am very happy with them

i will:
~swap out the motor
~strengthen the motor mount
~replace the esc
~replace all servos
[replacements simply for peace of mind, i dont like cheap gambles on an fpv bird]
~a light application of fibreglass under the nose & tail of the fuse, and the leading edges of the main wings (does an awesome job of protecting the foam from having grass poke out lumps of foam from time to time, and adds stiffness)
~f'glass also the leading edges of the tail feathers, especially stiffen the elevator- far too flimsy for my liking

main wing joining, there'll be a rod glued into one wing root which will slide into a tube in the other wing root, then pinned
tried this in my Bix1 and it worked extremely well, and seeing as there is virtually nothing to join the wings on this SSS (other than a pitiful friction fit), this should be near enough to perfect, not only does it make it impossible for the wings to seperate, and yet very easy to assemble/disassemble, but it also does an immense amount of stiffening the the wing jointing area, somewhat reducing flexing in this area
a mate of mine came up with the idea... and seeing as he was responsible for shooting down my 1900mm cessna, his pennance is to install the joiner into my SSS wings- yay!

then there'll be the challenge to install all my FY gear under the main wing mount

i can see a lot of happiness and joy coming from this monsta!

Originally Posted by dbc View Post
It's just the nature of these planes and part of the price you pay to get the prop out of the way in the front for camera and FPV use - these power systems arent very efficient.
yes, very convenient for fpv with the prop behind... but also a boon to be able to keep the prop well protected... i've flown my bix's in some tight spots that couldnt have been possible with anything other than a mid pusher prop, touch & goes are a hoot fpv!
not sure i'll be throwing this SSS around quite to that extent though lol
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