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TopSky Super Mini back in the air, then down again.

OK, I've long since fixed the servo problem I was having before. Turns out, the plug harness was fine, but where the signal wire of the left flaperon servo was soldered onto the receiver was bad. So, I replaced the receiver with an AR6200 since I have the Spektrum module for my JR 8103 now, and I haven't had a problem like that since.

The problem came while flying in the wind today. There are maybe 10-15 mph gusts out there, and while the TS Super Mini will cut through the wind just fine, especially when ballasted, you sometimes can stall out when the wind shifts direction and you are low or have too little airspeed. I had a few rough landings, then on the last, it came almost straight down from about 15 feet up. The rear anchor point for the wing bolt broke out of the pod. I made it with hard balsa, so this will be a good opportunity to replace it and the front one with plywood or hardwood, since I'm not sure I have any plywood here.

Yesterday was a good flying day for the Super Mini. In fact, I'm a little sore today from launching so much yesterday. I put about two full 350 mAh packs through it. It was the first time I've ever had to change battery packs in the middle of a flying session. Usually, it either gets too dark, or starts to rain, or much more likely, I have a problem with the plane.
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