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I finally got to fly my Parkjet 2 .

My setup is the same as before . This motor :

with a 40A mystery ESC

Turnigy 4S-1600-30C

I first got a bit disappointed when flying the two first batteries because I got twice 196 km/h with an 4,75x4,75 APC prop .

It was fast but I could feel that it didn't go as before .

I then tried a brand new battery and this time I managed to get to 204 km/h .

That was fast but I could get to 214 km/h with my first Parkjet using a 4,75 x 5,5 prop . This 4,.75 x 4.75 prop isn't up the task .

I noticed a certain kind of sensitivity on the roll axe that wasn't on my first Jet .
I wonder if the motor positionned even farther back ,helping so to achieve a correct CG, may be responsible of that . It makes it even more scary and I had to tame the beast with almost 100 % expo .

I was doing my last flight when all of a suddeen I saw the plane exploding while going WOT for a while .

The motor mount Gorilla glue didn't make it and motor went alone straight ahead pulling all electronics all around and plane went down totally empty except of servos .

I found motor, receiver, ESC and battery and amazingly, nothing got damaged .

Plane was going 204 km/h ( checked on the pitot tube memory of the last highest speed) and hardly got any scratch . Good thing it was empty when crashing .

Morality guys : eject your electronics and pilot before you crash !

This plane is a real blast . Waiting to hear about more flying reports .

What happened to the two guys that were using the Don's 3000 in their plane ?
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