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Originally Posted by Ribble View Post
My wind-surfers are all stock. Fly only low rates with transmitter Elevator trim full forward. Four using new version carbon shaft and swashplate.

Once in a while I fly the one with MSR paddles on a stock flybar though it is harder to fly and doesn't do anything for the way I fly.

One has a 9958 main motor which is promising as the bigger pinion gear wants to make the blades spin faster.. Still testing it and slowly trimming the trailing edges of the blades which increases rotor RPM.

Seven Yellow V911's that I am slowly getting used to in the wind. Got these for night flying.

Once you know it is possible to fly a V911 in wind, then there seems no end to learning how to do it. My favorite is soaring like a glider and banking off the oncoming wind. So relaxing. All in my back yard and there are tall bushes that create neat vertices. I can fly in an open field in the wind, but gets boring fast. Macadam tennis courts are fun as the smooth surface causes the wind to stay above the surface.

Do not misunderstand, I consider myself a poor pilot and many/most can out-fly me on a calm day or indoors.
I use stock also. Find I do not get as many flybar strikes as I used too, think my flying is getting better as I very rarely crash anymore. I still fly very agressive but have learned what to do before a crash. Got my grandson to say wohooo a few times yesterday.
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