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Originally Posted by robix07 View Post
Thanks for Reply!
But I don't understand my camera.
It wont install new firmware,I placed the .bin in the root directory of the card,placed it in camera turned it on and it just started like a normal,no changes and the led doesn't flash while recording :?
Then you are doing something wrong .

Try this.
1. Format your card fist.
2. Make sure the only file on the card is named FW96630A.BIN (old boot loader) or FWDVCH.BIN (new boot loader). The name must be all capital letters, especially if you are running Linux or Mac OSX.

Like I previously posted, you must use the correct file or the camera will ignore the update. I suspect you have copied the wrong file to the card.

I believe, but can't confirm, that FW96630A.BIN was used on the cameras with the 5-pin USB socket and FWDVCH.BIN is used on the latest cameras with the 8-pin USB socket. You can't interchange the two files, so do not rename them. You will surely brick your camera if you do.....
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