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Originally Posted by MC808 View Post
Mine sometimes does too, though I attributed it to the wind. Maybe it isn't?
I'm not an aeronautical engineer, but I believe that's the 45 degree flybar self stabilizing action kicking in. You've deflected it, now it tries to get back to normal.
If you examine the linkages, the flybar has more leverage on the pitch of the main blades than the servos.

It is my belief that the paddle "upgrade" works by destabilizing the self stabilization.
It does not work as on a conventional 90 degree setup where you change the pitch of the paddles, which cause a pitch change in the main rotor.

I believe - that since they are kinda close to alignment with the main blade (actually less than 45 degrees), the tilt in the main blade causes a tilt in the paddle, thus causing it to pitch the same way as the blade - contributing to it's tilt, instead of it's normal action of opposing it.

I haven't figured out how it doesn't seem to destroy the hovering stabilization aspect of the 45 degree setup.

Anyone who knows/understands have a better theory?
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