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Bursted 20 secs from 4.16 dipped down to 3.71 lowest cell 3.71 3.73 3.74

615.2 watts
Logger 5.6v

Ok so the results on the battery test are in! I used my wattmeter, battery tester and my Spektrum data logger seeing how there is a slot for it on the rx.

The first battery, the one that was last used when the plane malfunctioned the day earlier, still had 4.17v per cell left on it before the test. I held the throttle full out for 25 seconds while watching the wattmeter and the cell tester. The very lowest cell was measuring 3.71 volts under load while producing 615 watts @ 41.6 amps. The other cells were 3.74, 3.73, 3.73 respectively.
My friend held the plane steady while I worked all the servos and retracts simultaneously. The data logger measured no less than 5.6 volts on the rx at any time.
I had the other battery that was used during the initial failure to test still. Now this one had been used in another flight in a different plane and charged up again since then. I had already tested it with the Hyperion cell analyzer and saw no real imbalance. This test had also produced very similar results. I do expect some voltage sagging to happen but these results don't even come close to low voltage cutoff. The controller had also chirped 4 times on power up, so it was also reading 4s.
Now my friend who had been doubting the switch had tried to interupt the test by shaking and moving the switch about to see if anything would happen. Nothing did unless of course you forcibly move the toggle about. I think it is just too easy to blame it on the switch not just once but on both accounts of power failure. But then again nothing else is making much sense either?!
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