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Originally Posted by jwiebe View Post
The Yak didn't pull out of a roll over the lake a couple weeks ago and entered the water at high speed, snapping the nose off and breaking it in three pieces. We have a rowboat at the club for rescues. Anyway, lots of white Gorilla glue later, it's back in one piece and I ran some numbers before taking it up tomorrow:

Hyperion 3025-8
Hitec HS-82MG (x4)
Zippy 4S 2800mAh 30C
Eflite 60A ESC (stock)

AUW: 4.00lb (64oz) (c.f. stock 3.75 - 3.81lb, about 5% heavier)

Prop ---- Amps -- Watts-- Thrust (lb)
12x6 ---- 62.3 ---- 860 ---- 5.8
12x8 ---- 70.1 ---- 944 ---- 5.3
13x4 ---- 55.4 ---- 780 ---- 6.3
13x6.5 -- 69.6 ---- 930 --- 6.9

All props are APC thin electrics. Static thrust measured with a fishing scale.

The plane balances without any extra weight, battery at the rear of the compartment. The missing pilot seems to counterbalance the slightly heavier motor.
I use a hyperion 2950mah 35c 4s with my hyperion 3025-8 and a vox 12x6 prop and it pulls around 1100 watts. You should try the hyperion lipos, they are pricey but I think they are worth it, more power, better duration and 6c charge rate is pretty quick. They also have a 40 percent discount for bringing in trashed or crashed hyperion lipos, which I use sooner or later lol!
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