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catastrophic prop failure.

I took the Calypso to the field Sunday, perfect weather for a maiden flight.
planes CG was spot on with a SKY LIPO 11.1 v 1800 mAh battery. Set the
throttle at 1/2 a gentle toss the plane pulls away slowly but starts to gain
some altitude, about 5 seconds into the flight a POP, the canopy flies off
and the prop is clearly out of balance. I throttle down and bring her in for a
gentle landing in the grass. What happened? the very small screw that
the prop blades pivot on sheared off, the head of the screw was still in the
yoke but the threaded part of the screw and blade are no were to be found.
Also the torque tore the fuse I have ordered the folding prop from
Esprit. I wont trust the Hobbyco prop again. I contacted Hobbyco warranty
dept today, E-mailed them some photos and my invoice and in less than
30 Min's I had a reply they are sending me a new fuse/canopy & folding prop.
Can't complain about that. For any of you have a Calypso with the original
prop please be cautious the screws are very small and threaded all the way
up the shaft and must be weak. I should have the new prop this week I'll let
you guys and gals how it works out.
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