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Think I got the right CG and even flew it with a 3000mah on windy day!

Hi guys,
I'm back with some update after a weekend of flying.
Like I said before the winds were gonna increase drastically for the weekend and this whole week, but I was feeling so uncomfortable with having it flown only once on Thursday and didn't have the chance to try the other recommendations you gave. I couldn't resist anymore so I headed up to my flying location on Saturday and to the flying club on Sunday.

Saturday: Winds were around 20mph with gusts of 24mph at 4pm. Set the 2700mah 25c battery a little bit further in than last time and put 4mm on the elevators. Took off with DR off on 100%(to windy!) and on a save altitude turned it on to 50%. One thing I noticed, I didn't had to fight with the elevator stick this time to keep the head of this bird up so I guess I've found the right CG. With full throttle upwind it slightly gained altitude(what I think is normal) but with downwind and mostly of the time 50 to 40% throttle it has the tendency to climb very fast at a point that I some times has to give it some down elevator. I think that has to do with the strong winds of that day. I was actually from take-off fighting to counterattack the unpredictable reactions of the plane caused by that turbulent wind. But I felt more confident in the way it was flying that day with that CG setting and was not so nervous so I could bring it down after full 6 minutes of flight in one piece with all that wind! It was more like a spot landing but nothing that this A10 couldn't withstand. Battery measured 11.33V
After that I decided to put a 3000mah 20c that I have into this plane at a point which based on the first battery I thought it was right for the best CG. Took off and had a similar flight/struggle with the wind and took it down after full 6 minutes. Had a less gentle landing but no wheel damage at all. Battery measured 11.40V. Both flight I did with 50% to full throttle.

Sunday is our official day at the Rc Flying Club here were I'm quiet new.
This day the wind was even worse. About 24mph with 28mph gusts. It was/is still very WINDY!!!! I doubt a little when I saw those heavier nitro glow planes wrestling with the wind that day but after a while i decided to put this bird in the skies no matter what! I flew it with the 2700mah battery, well it jumped off the runway in to the skies and from that moment it has been a struggle against that wind to manage that plane. when it was on a save altitude I switch the DR on to 50% only to realize that I did not have enough control on the plane like the wind had!! So I rapidly switched it off back to 100% throw and was able to manage the plane around for believe it or not 9 minutes!!!! A club member timed it for me and was forgotten to tell me that my 6 minutes was over. The landing was another challenge. I had to fight bit by bit with that furious wind in order to get that bird again on the run way. It was more like spot landing again. When the plane was at an altitude about 2 feet, a wind gust smashed it down to the runway and it fell standing on his wheels! with no damage at all.
Battery measured 10.98V. I have to say that I flew it most of the time from 30%-40% throttle downwind and 70-85% upwind and rarely 100% upwind.
What a oddesy of a weekend!!!!!! But we (my A10 and I) survived it to tell.
Will put some videos later of Saturday's flight which were filmed by a spectator using his phone.

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