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Originally Posted by Newbmeister View Post
I'd be interested in seeing some reviews of this. Dkfuji gave us a quick rundown, but I was hoping for something a bit more indepth. In particular, more on flight characteristics, durability - both from crash damage and normal usage, and wind handling. It's almost always windy where I live (the city is on a peninsula), so that's a definite factor. I'm impressed with how well my Mini CP can handle wind (at least compared to my V200, but being FP that's not a huge surprise) and for sure it's crash durable. I'm quick on the throttle so that's helped a lot, but still it's taken some hard knocks and, other than some canopy cracks, still keeps ticking.

I don't have huge flying areas near me so size is a factor. Until I get my transportation issues squared away, 450s are out. So something like the Master CP or the V120D02S are on my near-term buying radar. Need to fill up some model slots on my Devo 10. Heavy 3D is not something I'll be ready to do for quite some time, so that's not a consideration. Wind handling, sport flying, (very) mild 3D, durability, easy and relatively inexpensive repair, and the ability to take up a light cam or FPV gear are my main bullet points. Am I asking for too much?
I have flown it in the wind and she is pretty stable in FF. I am still messing with the settings to take the edge off the flips and rolls. Sport flying is very smooth and consistent so far. So far I have turned up the servo ext to max and dialed down the D/R to 80% and Expo to 20%. If you don't the flip rate is scary! All other settings on the Rx pots are factory. I have changed the pitch curves from factory settings to a standard linear 0 to 100% and turned down the pitch travel to achieve a +/-13* pitch. I have also set the Rudder D/R to 120% and Exp to Linear to improve the piro rate and feel. It definitely has the power to take up a small camera but I have no way of knowing how that will affect flight times. Right now, the NanoTech 1000mah packs are giving me about 3.5mins of mild 3D flight. Of course there is no way of predicting the repair bills on this heli yet.

Originally Posted by zadaw View Post
I bought a sample today for $120 which includes a third party battery. When I got home, I found that the battery won't fit as the orientation of the plug was incorrect. This is something to look out for when you order third party batteries.

I would still recommend the V120D02S at this stage. It will be months before the durability of the Master CP is known. I doubt that people will be flying it to the same extent as the V120D02S.

The V120D02S is based on a design that is a few years old and has got much of the bugs worked out. Whereas the Master CP is a completely new design. The Master CP seems to use the horrible servos that can strip just by examining them by hand.

My experience is that it takes 8 to 20 crashes before you need to repair something on the Mini CP, whereas it takes 3-8 crashes for the V120D02S.
Agreed. This heli needs a bit more space to fly about than the V120D02S for sure. So far I have not experienced a stripped servo even by moving the blades and arms by hand so who knows. Of course we all know by now that Walkera servos are not the best in the market, but they are relatively cost effective.
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