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I found a very interesting way to program the Throttle to be on J3 as typical for a powered plane, and then convert J3 over to the Crow control for landing a glider. It’s not a perfect solution as there is a small catch but it seems to be working well in bench testing.

Setup the glider with defaults for power and spoiler. Throttle on J3, Spoiler on RS.
Add a Flight Condition for Landing, enable the flight condition with a switch say E0 for example
Add in butterfly programming using the regular b-fly mix menu and set it up so it’s only on in the Landing condition (S in Landing mode, values set; C in other modes and values clear).
Program the throttle lock to the same switch as the flight condition, so E0 in this example
When throttle lock is on (E0 state) there is no throttle enabled, when throttle lock is off the throttle works as normal.
In E1 state, throttle works, powers the plane and there’s no b-fly mixing
In E0 state, throttle is locked out, b-fly mixing is enabled and you control the b-fly mix with the throttle stick.

Both are off at the bottom throttle position so the key is to transition states when the stick is down.
Throttle lock will not engage if the motor is running so the transition must happen with the throttle off.
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