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lol..Yeah I fly most of the time off a two lane road out in the middle of "BFE" that is an old farm road some of it is paved and some of it isnt. The farmers think its pretty cool I go out there and dont mind a bit. The road it self is way narrow for a two lane but on each side I have that same problem with the ditches that and there is some seriously tall grass just before them which is good and bad ...the good being if I screw up I hit grass and loss a lot of momentum...before the huge ditch...the bad for me being if the grass is tall enough if I screw up on take off roll and a wing tip hits that grass on T/O or landing the grass snags the wing tip and my plane gets thrown in the ditch. Grass landings I hate...Everytime for me has resulted in perfect touch down..then serious nose over taking out props..motor shafts or mounts..Lt. Margarita is a tough guy...I tried Col. L.I.T. behind the stick once ...never again
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