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Landing a Mustang can be a beast. I have 4 soon to be 6 and I must say. I have some of them I like to come in too hot and some too slow. My rule of thumb is if you when you start to go from a negative flight attitude to level if that tail drops you are too slow and if you pull back a hair and it wants to go up too quick obviously you are too fast. What I do most of the time is drop gear and flaps if I want and work on that at a high enough attitude to recover. Nine times out of Ten I do the military break to land with a 45 degree turn and drop gear during that turn while trimming it for landing and then set that throttle where I need it to maintain a downward flight path. If im too hot for landing I side slip her a little to lose that steam. Ethier way I stay about 4 feet off the ground until I feel good about it and begin to gradually drop her in. I have learned quickly landing a P-51 too fast or too slow is a good way to "FSU".

Im no pro and most of you guys know all that stuff...just mere observations on my part. I did notice and of course a camera can make things deveiving but the second landing on #5180 made me nervous for plane and pilot. It seemed like those retracts where about to bite it bad. I have a terrible habit of once the plane is on the ground to want to over control her and do a quick turn like that. Biggest mod I do on my R/C planes is to add washers of eclips discreetly next to the wheel so there is a bit of resistance not much but enough that the wheel spins freely but not spinning for long. So its like landing with a little bit of brakes on. Makes the roll out a lot less than stock yet long enough to be scale.
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