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(Carrying on a discussion from a previous thread)

Originally Posted by dankar04 View Post
Tell me more about MSR flybar for 9958. You have my interest. In a bigger area than I normally fly the 9958 on hi-rates is nice flyer and no problem. In small area 9958 just hard to correct in time of that sliding. I fly my V911's on hi-rates in my area/ 270A the same. T-Rex 100X is binded to V911 TX on low reats. 260A low-rates on stock S/P TX. Quads V929's I fly at 60% rates. U 816 on mode 1 which is low rates. 9958 is only one I have trouble with. Even my V100D01 FBL/brushless bird handle small area better. I have two 9958 and one is down with defective tail motor, other near new.

Anyway does MRS flybar fit 9958? Without making it fit.Thanks,Dan
Hi Dan,

The MSR flybar is a complete drop-in replacement. Just remove the old stock flybar and put the MSR flybar on. No modding is required. Use the stock links as well. They'll be a bit looser than before but I've flown all 3 of my 9958s with it just fine and haven't had a single problem with them. This should make things a little easier but it won't turn this heli into a V911. If you're sliding around, try mixing in some aileron to your turns and I think the flybar helps with that.

Here's what it'll look like when you're done:

(The red one has the flybar. The green one is pre-flybar installation).

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