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Originally Posted by yhchoong View Post
prjoe - If I did not remember wrongly, I recall reading about someone else having fluctuations on his power supply when tested with a multimeter, but when connected to his powerlab it became stable.

Have you tried hooking them up separately as 12V units and see if they are stable as standalones?
I've hooked them up separately as 12V and they are indeed stable. The fluctuation starts only when touched together.
I have done the wiring same as you did, except:
I'm using wires 1,2,3 shorted to GND, and 4,5,8 shorted together.
I also tried your setup, 1,2,3,4,5 shorted to GND, same results.
I used the same ring terminals, 10GA. silicon wire.
The alum. L-plate I attached from the outside with the screws from swap board.
For isolation I used #6 fiber washers. (Tested for no continuity ok)

I hooked the units to the PL8, and it does not detect the voltage fluctuation.
Might it be that the PL8 is not as sensitive as the voltmeter?
I have a loaned Dell dual server PS from a friend that is stable all the way through the charge.
I just would like to make sure this fluctuation will not damage my charger with continued use.
Where do you purchase those M3 plastic washers and screws?
great pics of you PS.

Thanks for your suggestions.
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