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Current Challenges:

As of the 24th of October 2012

I will try to keep these as up-to-date as possible, but remember there is only so much a Koala can bear.

Heli, open to any heli: The Motorcross Jump: Setup a empty folder for a jump on the floor, or whatever you may have laying around to construct a small jump. Now approach and jump the jump while remaining in ground effect. Try not to use any additional throttle jumping the jump and do not touch the jump with your skids, let the ground effect do all the work

Quad: The Hauler: Attach a hook to your quad. Take off, and pick up an object designed to work with the hook you attached to your quad and transposrt it to a different room in your house. Unload the object and fly back to where you took off from and land.

Plane: Basic training: Perform an inverted loop

FPV: The News Reporter: Record a video of yourself at take off and then track a moving vechicle for as long as you can (at a safe distance of course)
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