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Originally Posted by Rollmops67 View Post
Hello !

I'm new on this thread, and havn't the courage to read the more then 400 pages !

I'm actually flying FP helis, but I know I will have to try CP helis soon (I'm addicted !)
I'm looking for a model that's not too big (more crash-resistant), and the fact it has a brushless motor and can bee ordered with a Devo transmitter is a plus for me.
It should also beeing able to handle some wind outdoors.
So I think the V120D02S should be a good entry in the CP world.

I'm also a little confused because Walkera has also the V120D05 and V120D06, and I don't know if one of these would be better then the V120D02S.

Speaking about spare parts, what is necessary, knowing that in the begining, I won't try to fly 3D.
I will have to learn that on a simulator before trying for real, are the Devo transmitters connectable on simulator programs ?

And a last question, where would you recommend to order one and spare parts ?

Again, sorry for these basic questions, but I'm totally new in CP and Walkera.

Forget V120D05 and V120D06>The 120s is the best 120size you can buy .

V120d02s was my 1st CP heli after 5 months with a cb180z>If you know the basics -hover-forward flight -you will be fine.If you practise daily in 2 months(or less) you will make your 1st flip.If you want this heli very durable you need to install a slipper clutch and to make the servo saver mode.The 1st one will help you not to strip tail gears during crash and the 2s not to strip servo gears.Also keep in mind that with CP helis you must set the correct throttle /pitch curves to flight your flight skills.

This heli is a great teacher.You can learn a lot with minimum(crashing) cost.

As for the spares my favorite seller is this one here

good prices and very fast shipping,

Originally Posted by naruto View Post
Just a thought. As the design of the v120 is compact, I noticed after a few crashes the servo wires were a little too close to the motor for my comfort. That might cause the wire insulators to melt/strip and cause a short-circuit which would destroy the servo/receiver.
Originally Posted by zadaw View Post
I have had this happened to me before but all the wires are intact this time. I will go through the heli before putting the new receiver in.
same here, thats why i am running all the wires from the right side since then.

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